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How Much Would It Cost To Develop An App Like Tripadvisor

The evolving business model enables businesses to change and innovate their existing formats constantly. That way, they can cater to the changing needs of the customer. In today’s world, people no longer rely on a typical travel agent or agency to plan their vacation. Instead, they utilize online services or apps to work out the process. Now, people can plan and book their vacation from start to finish, right from home.

The emergence and rise of travel booking apps like TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, enables travelers to book their vacation from anywhere, with only a few taps of their smartphone. Also, businesses in the travel and tourism industry can reap the benefits from listing their services on the app.

The travel booking app business is thriving, and that will not stop anytime soon. Now is the time to join this burgeoning industry by launching your customized travel booking application.

The TripAdvisor app

TripAdvisor is currently the world’s most extensive travel guide. The app helps travelers plan perfect vacations or trips by providing thousands of reviews on accommodation and tourist destinations. The platform directs customers to travel booking sites, where they choose their preferred lodgings. Users can even search for housing based on their budget and the facilities provided by the destination.

This excellent app makes it possible for users to find hotels, restaurants, flights, and great destinations at the lowest rates. Additionally, this process is fully accessible through an online website or travel app.

People can use the app to post videos and photos from their trips and share them with other users or friends on social media platforms. This process goes a long way to help online travel influencers who benefit when users upload and share their incredible travel experiences.

Every month, the site gets more than three hundred million unique visitors and more than four hundred million reviews. The app is accessible in 45+ countries and can be accessed in  25+ languages. Meanwhile, the app has nearly three hundred million downloads, making it one of the most popular and most downloaded travel apps worldwide.

TripAdvisor’s business and revenue model

The goal behind TripAdvisor is to provide the best travel experience for tourists or travelers. The site also enables tour operators to improve on sales while saving on costs and time. TripAdvisor has a simplified process for a company to register itself and start a campaign. The process is simple to grasp and requires the user to spend a little time to complete.

The site allows hotel and restaurant owners to invest less than ten percent of their effort and time in marketing activities. Also, more than three-quarters of the users write reviews and ratings meant to help travel lovers. Owners can see these reviews and use them to improve or develop their business and services.

Now, we will look at the features required in making a TripAdvisor app

Key features of a TripAdvisor clone app

The cost to create an app like TripAdvisor boils down to the number of basic and advanced features included in the app. The minimal features required:

  • Easy booking
  • Personalized travel search
  • Hotel price comparison
  • Flight booking
  • Maps
  • Forums
  • Tour feature
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Uploading photos of travel destinations, travelers, etc.

Costs involved developing vacation rental software

This app type comes under the database category app. Creating a database category app costs significantly higher than other apps. The final price involved in developing an app takes into account the following:

App design

A good app design is vital to attract users, engage with them and keep them coming back for more. Hence it is crucial to have an intuitive user interface with an aesthetically pleasing design. After all, you want people to keep coming to the app, and the best way to do that is with a good design.

App platform

Another factor affecting the cost to develop a hotel booking script is the platform. First, you can launch the app on the Android store or the iOS store. You can eventually launch the app on both platforms, but initially, it is best to start with only one.

App size

App size here means the total features and functionalities the app covers. The features mentioned above are all the core features of a TripAdvisor clone app. However, during the development stage, you can add more features to the product. These additional features will, of course, add to the total development costs.

Now is the time to develop a TripAdvisor clone script. The travel industry reached a screeching halt with the lockdowns and pandemics, but those travel restrictions are now ending. Bans get lifted, countries open up, and more people start to urge to travel.

Numerous companies worldwide try to get in on this industry but struggle because of various decisions and setbacks. If you have an idea for developing a travel app with a new take on an established feature, it is time to develop it. Get in touch with a renowned mobile app development company and start developing the app in no time at all.

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