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4 Best Union Management Software to Organize Efficiently

Union management software makes it easier for union members and officers to manage and communicate with one another. Similarly, union voting software helps pro-worker unions and labor organizations communicate what they truly want with the respective internal and external audience effectively and use their collective voices to protect worker interests. 

It is, therefore, necessary to have software that works as an all-in-one solution for all their organizational needs. Numerous companies provide voting software, management software, and other similar services, but you only need the best union management software or union voting software to facilitate better engagement. 

This article aims to give you brief information about union-management software and voting software, management software providers, and who, among them, has the best union software management system.

What is a Union Management Software?

A union-management software platform/tool is a platform/tool designed to assist labor unions in more efficiently handling one or more of its required internal and external responsibilities.

What is a Union Voting Software?

As the name suggests, union voting software is a platform designed to help union workers cast votes securely and efficiently. A voting software ensures maximum participation along with high-grade security and no data breach. Additionally, good union voting software, like Voting Portals, will come with an integration option so that you can seamlessly work with your union management software.

4 Best Union Management Software Available in the Market

While everyone has different preferences, you can take a look at the following union management software and get an idea of what they offer.

  1. Wild Apricot by Personify

Apricot toolkit simplifies your union’s management chores by providing a comprehensive collection of tools for processing and monitoring applications, managing membership renewals, and constructing simple directories and members-only sites. 

Furthermore, because it is an online platform, your team may access your member database from anywhere. This is especially crucial when remote work becomes the new standard for many businesses.

  1. Boardable

Boardable is a management platform created particularly to assist mission-driven organizations in providing more straightforward and engaging tools. Their trade association approach is perfect for larger unions whose leaders want more efficient and centralized methods of getting work done. 

Boardable can help simplify operations and drive action from the top by providing a full set of communication, collaboration, and project management tools.

  1. Union Soft

The integrated software application for Union Manager includes member, employer, dues, dispatch, grievance, and market recovery management. Union Soft’s simple technology makes it easy to produce dues receipts, overdue letters, job recommendations, and letters. The software also comes with an option to completely integrate with the EPR, JATC, and Trust Fund modules.

  1. UnionWare

UnionWare has a record of working with unions for more than 25 years. UnionWare’s extensive platform allows you to manage membership, complaints, plan campaigns, events, and process dues, among other things.

Complementing your Union Management Software: Voting Portals

There are several software providing companies that offer you voting software according to your need and requirements. You might need voting software for political data, union voting, communication with members, condo/HOA, and others. You might even require an integrated platform that can cater to all your needs at once. Voting Portals is your one-stop solution for every need.

Voting Portals is the most user-friendly, easy-to-use software for both administrators and members. The software from Voting Portals includes legally compliant ballot templates with the option of designing your own and automated features to help you manage elections.

Added Benefits with Voting Portals

Below are some of the unique features of Voting Portals that makes it stand out from the rest of the voting software:

  • 24/7 Support: Voting Portals provides you with 24/7 support to assist you in any emergency in every way possible.   
  • Data Security: With embedded security features in Voting Portals, your data is in safe hands. Also, you get to be in 100% control of your data and content.
  • Privacy: Voting Portals lays out extra emphasis on security and safety. With Voting Portals, you get the utmost privacy and guarantee of safe and secure data. 
  • Transparency and Accountability: Voting Portals avoids redundancy and keeps a log of every vote to ensure maximum transparency.
  • More than a Voting Software: Voting Portals offers you more than voting software; you can conduct a virtual meeting, online survey, or voting at the same time with Voting Portals’ flexible platform and achieve real-time results. 


While it may depend on personal requirements to pick the best union management software, Voting Portals undoubtedly remains the first choice as a union voting software as it can be used with almost any management software and ensure smooth processing. Integrate, analyze, and create safe and secure voting portals only with Voting Portals, the best and most advanced cloud voting platform.

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