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What Do You Need For Your Identification Card?

In a world governed by ridiculous laws, your fake identity card is an ideal escape route. With it at your disposal, you can easily bypass stringent conditions that hinder you from living your life to its fullest. However, if you intend to build your ID from scratch, you must know and gather the necessary materials for an identification card maker. So, if you are in the market for an identification card maker, you must have a printer, ink, hologram, ID templates, fonts, UV inks, amongst others. However, to use the materials, you must be a proficient ID maker. In this post, we will show you the top materials needed for an ID maker. 

1. Printers

If you are an ID maker, your PVC printer is the first tool of the trade. However, it must be a high-end PVC printer, as government agencies also use it to print their ID cards. The choice of a high-end PVC printer is not far-fetched, as it provides high-definition graphics, especially for a photo ID card.It also offers crisp texts good enough to outdo even government-issued identity cards. There are many high-performing identity cards in the market that can always provide you with optimum performance. However, to get the best performance, you will need three types, namely:

  • Dual side card printers: The double-sized printers provide a high-end printing experience on both sides of the card.
  • Laminating ID card printers: The laminating ID card is popular among most state-issued ID cards, as it prevents the long-term effects of wear and tear. 
  • Holographic and UV ID card printer: If you want your fake ID to pass off as an original, you must invest in a holographic printer that can always mimic the unique image of the copy you wish to emulate. A holographic ID card printer gives our ID the necessary identity to pass off when a UV light is shone on the card.

2. PVC cards: 

The core material include in most identity cards is the PVC. A high-quality PVC card should be able to successfully pass the bend test, which is a criterion for asserting the strength of most cards. The majority of the cards used for identity cards comprise of HiCo & LoCo magnetic stripe cards. Each of these cards has a standard of about 85mm. 

3. Fonts: 

It is one thing for your identity card to pass the holographic test, PVC density test, etc. However,a sound identity card has a standard for its fonts. If you are looking to pass off your fonts as genuine, you must invest in good fonts. An ideal font to start with for your identity card is the Avenir font which is the most state-issued standard. Many font apps are available to give you an excellent model always to get a good replica of your identity card fonts. 

4. Hologram: 

If other features on the fake identity can be copied with ease, one must possess a different skill-set to make a hologram. In most standard-issue identity cards, there is always a unique version that the hologram can only provide. Unfortunately, holograms have always proven to be the most difficult to copy. Most holograms may be of two layers, namely: the background and the foreground. However, most holograms may have three distinct layers: the environment, middle-ground, and foreground. So, to make your identity card look more unique, you must have a high level of copying precision. 

5. Magnetic bar encoder: 

Your attempt to make an identity card can easily pass off as an original cannot be complete without the magnetic stripes encoder. In most instances, it serves as a litmus test for your identity card if it has passed through all the necessary phases. This is because it has a series of magnetic stripes within a tape, such that when all magnetic articles are put in the right piece will reveal important magnetic information. To make this easy in most cases, makers of the fake identity card will always have an encoder to copy the data written on the stripe. 

6. Laminate layering: 

After successfully making your photo ID card, one must be careful in avoiding any form of damage to the identity card. With laminate layering, your already created identity card can easily withstand the effect of wear and tear, keeping it safe for use over an extended period. 

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