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Wedding Season Indian Attire for Men

Deciding on an outfit is probably the most tricky task we have to do daily. It does not matter if there is a wardrobe full of clothes to pick from or a couple of pairs. This becomes especially hard when you have got a wedding to attend. 

Well, if you are all caught up between what to wear and what not to wear drama, this article is for you. Men do not have limited styles. All they have is a restricted reach. The buzz around the latest vogues among men is much lesser as opposed to women. 

However, we have got you covered. Read this article and find out the perfect Indian outfit for this wedding season!

Indian Attire for Men 

With the right sense of style and fashion, you can always nail the look. Here are the Indian outfits that you must try out this wedding season. 

Kurta Paired With Churidar

It is all about the basics; if you can rock the basics, you are already a step ahead of others in terms of fashion. Kurtas come in numerous designs from their cuts to the neckline like collared, V-neck, Chinese collar, or even collarless. 

The detailing can affect the entire outfit. Thus, be mindful of it. Also, check the lengths according to your preference; an ideal Kurta should always fall a couple of inches below the knee. 

Alternatively, you can also style the kurta with a salwar to get that “pathani” vibe or a Nehru jacket to complete the look. Kurtas and churidars are available off the peg. However, if you’d like yourself some unique fabric or pattern and get it tailor-made, by all means, go ahead!


You cannot complete an Indian outfit’s essentials list without mentioning Sherwanis. It is a staple, and there is much scope of playing around experimenting with it. 

Sherwani is a long, slim-fit jacket giving out a masculine look like a kurta, sometimes entirely embroidered. This coat-like jacket usually comes with a button fastening. However, angrakha-like knots have also garnered popularity recently. For the perfect sherwani look, pair it with a pair of trousers, dhoti, or dhoti pants. 

Sherwanis look much more attractive if they are embroidered, adorned, or embellished. Additionally, you can always throw on a neckpiece and a shawl to complete the look!

Bandhgala/Jodhpuri Suit

The most basic one, yet so promising. If you feel skeptical about the sherwani or the Kurta look, turn to this one. Not only will a bandhgala suit accentuate the overall personality, but it will also look so decently posh! 

A Badhgala can be seen in numerous varieties, from fabric to embellishments. Furthermore, the logic is pretty simple here. Whenever in doubt, wear basics and something you are comfortable in. 

Final Thoughts

There you go! Sherwanis, kurtas, and bandhgala are three of the most versatile outfits. You can also mix and experiment with the three if you have the guts to carry the outfit well. 

Yes, you read that right. Style the bandhgala with the dhoti pants that you pair with sherwani or pair it with the churidars, because why not? Fashion is all about experimenting!

Sure, you might feel like women have more options, but it is not like that. It is just that the men’s apparel is less explored. Explore and experiment!

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