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How Many Types of PR are There in Canada?

Usually, what we understand by PR is the permanent residence. The Canadian government or authority issues permanent residences to the immigrant of their country. And those PR has different types and categorizations. There are thousands of immigrants every year in Canada who receives permanent residence from the Canadian government.

If you are a new immigrant in Canada. Then you may wonder what types of PR you will be entitled to. However, this is a prevalent question among the immigrants of Canada. In some cases, you may get help from the Surrey immigration lawyers to know more about this.

So, in this writing, we will have a very brief discussion about how many types of PR are there in Canada. Keep reading to learn more.

Canadian Permanent Residence (PR)

Every year, so many people are moving to Canada for study, work, and other purposes. Statistics say that the Canadian government gives 200,000 people permanent residency every year. Though this number is quite huge. Then again, in order to get permanent residence in Canada., You have to meet some requirements and criteria.

And you may need to go through an application process. Sometimes, the whole process may take time. But almost every immigrant of Canada wants to have a PR from the Canadian government. Because when an immigrant has a PR, they can enjoy all the facilities and similar rights like a Canadian citizen.

Types of Permanent Residence in Canada

There are usually 6 types of permanent residence in Canada. In other words, the candidate or the immigrant has 6 types of options from where they can apply for permanent residence. Those 6 types of permanent residence in Canada may include the following list:

  • Family Class Immigration
  • Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Quebec-Selected Immigration
  • International Adoption
  • Business Class Immigration

A very brief and short explanation of those types of permanent residence is given in the following writing:

1.   Family Class Immigration

This is basically a very common type of Permanent residence category. Usually, the family class immigration category is for the candidates who have any close relatives in Canada. If those relatives are permanent residents of Canada, they can assist that candidate for the PR of Canada.

Among the PR holders of Canada, so many migrants have this family class immigrant PR. Statistics say that the family members of Canada sponsor almost 40% of the migrants.

2.   Skilled Worker Class Immigration

Another category for Canadian PR is the skilled worker class immigration. Skilled worker of Canada also applies for the PR. After getting the PR, they can also enjoy the facilities and rights as a Canadian citizen. In order to apply for the PR in this category, the candidate must need to meet some requirements.

Those requirements may include language proficiency, work experiences, skills, ages, marital status, educational qualification, and so on. All those factors play an equal role in order to get the Canadian PR. The individual score of those factors will determine whether one is qualified for the PR or not.

3.   International Adaptation

This category is for the people who want to adopt, such as a Canadian resident who wants to adopt children outside Canada. In that case, that person can sponsor that child to get a PR. But there are some terms and conditions in this regard. That person needs to commit a certain condition. Such as; upbringing the child, focus on the child’s best interest.

4.   Provincial Nomination

In this category, the candidate needs to choose a territory within Canada. Then that territory nominates that person for the PR. That nomination will include the factors like immigration, settlement, and so on. The candidate needs to have a target province where that person wants to settle in. After the nomination, that candidate can apply for the PR and the citizenship of Canada.

5.   Business Class Immigration

This permanent residence (PR) category is for business people. This category is also divided into 3 classes: entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed persons. Regardless of your business, the entrepreneurs need to present their business assets and experience to get the PR in this category.

Likewise, the investors also need to show their field of investment and their business skills. For the self-employed person, they need to show their goal, intention, business assets, and the capability of the business. If they can fulfill all the requirements properly, then they expect to have citizenship in Canada.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to moving or migrating to Canada for study or any other purposes. You may want to have the PR of Canada. If you can meet the requirements of PR, then you can easily get the PR of Canada as we know that there are plenty of categories of Canadian permanent residence.

You can choose from the list mentioned above that goes with you most. Also, if you still have any questions or queries, you can seek any expert assistance. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand the types of Canadian PR.

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