GREEN ON TOP! 7 Benefits of Green Roofs for the Public Community

As homeowners, your aim is to live in a house that’s both pretty and pleasant. You want and need a dwelling where you will not simply live but where you will live well. The topmost priority is to ensure that you and your family have a safe place to inhabit and grow in. At the same time, it delights your heart when you’re able to achieve that goal whilst being able to help the city you’re staying in. Awesomely, green roofs enable you to do exactly that!

Green roofs are green spaces on top of existent man-made buildings. They are more often than not installed on rooftops rather than literally on roofs. When you see something similar in the middle (or lower than the middle) part of an establishment, they perform the same roles. These zones are made for nurturing plant life, thus the ‘green’ on their names, which is the representative color of nature. 

Interestingly, the green roof system is created not just for growing foliage but also for improving people’s lives. Yes, it offers impressive advantages to houses, such as strengthening their foundations and enhancing ventilation and air quality indoors. All these and more make every homeowner smile without a doubt. They fill roofs with green-colored beauty and fill lives with satisfaction!

Green roofing is definitely among the best options for homeowners’ own sake, but what’s even more amazing is that it is among the best decisions you can make for the environment too! You can boost your private life’s goodness as you help the world in terrific ways! Want to know how? Find out from the list below the 7 benefits of green roofs for the public community! Be enlightened, and don’t forget to share the scoop!

1 – Rainwater accumulation management 

As it is clearly visible, green roofs are composed of a variety of leafage. From edible vegetation to decorative flora, you’ll see them smiling at you from green roofs! Being on the highest area of buildings, obviously, green roofs catch rainwater, yet what’s wonderful is that they help manage rainwater that accumulates and troubles local sewerage.   

When rain falls, it falls first on roofs before they do on the lowest grounds. Here, it falls on green roofs to be specific. After that, rain falls from them to the drainage on the ground too. The benefit here is that the intense and impactful flow of stormwater is minimized or delayed, thus helping lessen and control the rainwater management issues commonly faced by local communities. Those problems include heavy floods and overflowing watercourses.

Furthermore, plants on green roofs absorb rainwater. Following that, they will also give the water back to the sky through transpiration (the release of water from plant leaves) and evaporation (the change from water to vapor). This is another way green roofs effectively aid in regulating the effects of rainfall and storms. 

2 – Reduced heat

Sometimes, it feels like summer even when it’s not. Some countries that don’t normally reach high temperatures have shockingly reached them in recent years. Global warming is surely a big problem. 

While green roofs facilitate proper ventilation inside homes, they reduce general heat in the public community. They alleviate the serious heart-related effects of global warming to crowded cities. Because they are situated on the highest areas of houses and commercial buildings, they cover those surfaces that receive the most heat and warmth from the sun and from the overall atmosphere. 

Plants on green roofs provide coolness to the whole city. They assist in keeping a balanced temperature within the community, which prevents human illnesses related to too much heat. People living in it feel fresher because of green roofs’ heat-controlling ability.

3 – Lessening air pollution

You feel rejuvenated when you visit provinces filled with abundantly growing trees. Plants’ detoxifying effect is not only in the mind; even your physical body can prove it because you can sniff and smell the fresh air. 

In urban communities, you rarely see trees. Meanwhile, when you do, they are not as lush as those in forests because often, you just see a tree standing alone in the middle of the concrete jungle or in the middle of a vast highway’s traffic island. It’s sad but true. 

With the help of green roofs, you are given the chance to experience the similar joy you get when visiting places with fantastic greenery. They take care of lessening air pollution by preventing and eliminating toxic pollutants and by filtering the air you breathe. Green roofs can perform their duties well because they are stationed on a high level where a lot of things people on the ground don’t easily see, such as smog and greenhouse gases, exist. 

All these being said, they contribute to fresh air in the city. Green roofs enrich air quality for a healthier and happier community.

4 – Communal recreation spaces

Oftentimes, green roofs are not really settled on roofs but on places people can publicly use. 

Creatively, green roofs can be transformed into communal recreation spaces open for the general public or for the people residing or working within the building they are established on. Some green roofs also function as rooftop restaurants, flower gardens, resting areas and  playgrounds you can actually visit and enjoy yourself. They augment natural amenities in the urban locale, which are sought-after by everyone looking for relaxing greens in the middle of the bustling city.

5 – More jobs for the people

The installation of green roofs is no joke. Professional commercial roofing contractors are needed for them to be created and structured into the efficient roofing system that they’re supposed to be. Because the job is back-breaking and will absolutely need a lot of hands and skills, the existence of green roofs provides more jobs for people too. Not only the establishments owning green roofs are favored but also the laborers that work hard to bring to life these eco-friendly roofs!

6 – Beautification 

Needless to say, green roofing plays a significant role in beautifying cities. Catching attention from left to right, buildings with green roofs make the places they’re in even more captivating. With an endless series of green-roofed homes and commercial establishments, the community’s allure is emphasized and is given a new, revitalizing face!

7 – Nature spaces for wildlife

Last but not the least, green roofs care not only for humans but also for wildlife. They become accessible in-city turfs to animals, namely insects and birds. Especially today, as more and more buildings are being built, animals in urban cities are losing natural habitats. Thanks to green roofs, they are accommodated and nurtured. Remember that these creatures are valuable and useful to plants as well, so they are not only nursed but they also nurse the life present on green roofs. 

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