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10 ideas for acoustic wall conditioning

Noise is a common problem in commercial premises, public libraries, offices, and other places that have to be a refuge against noise pollution. The annoying and continuous sounds generate a loss of concentration and lack of rest. To solve this, it is very important to pay attention to the acoustic conditioning of the walls.

We will give you 10 ideas to protect you from noise.

Take advantage of the furniture

Putting cabinets or shelves full of books against the walls can reduce noise. However, if the noise is coming from another wall, it won’t do.

Construction insulators

Insulators can be placed between two brick walls, but work is necessary and a few inches of interior space are lost.


The plasterboard is a solution similar to the previous one, but somewhat simpler and cleaner. A few inches of space are also lost.

Double glazing

Do not forget that a lot of noise enters the windows. This part of the wall also has to be insulated.


Cork can be a good insulator. However, it must be combined very well with the decoration so that it is aesthetic.

Exterior walls

In many private homes, the conditioning has been done outside to preserve the interior from inclement weather and annoying noise.

Synthetic acoustic panels

There are some thick panels made of synthetic materials that are placed directly on the wall and then can be painted. They are easy to install, but difficult to fit into the decor.

Fabric acoustic panel

Fabric acoustic panels have different shapes. They alter sound waves and improve acoustics. Only a few are needed to enhance any stay.

Sound absorbing textile panel

Textile panels have many advantages. They are perfect for offices or premises. They have a multitude of colors and are easily combinable.

Wood panel

It is one of the most affective media, as well as being sustainable and decorative. It is perforated or with slats, which can be placed directly on the wall or to separate spaces.

Acoustic panels, the new trend

There are many ways to seek this pleasure of peace and tranquility by eliminating annoying noises from the environment such as changing the sliding windows for casement ones, including double or triple glazing, shutters … But you know what? They all need works.

If you choose to install acoustic panels, you will be able to obtain an avant-garde decoration while at the same time obtaining a more than useful solution for the problems generated by noise. At Gyptech Systems you can find all the design options you want to achieve maximum comfort at home.

Choosing the best acoustic panels

In this blog we are always bringing you the latest news, and not long ago we debunked some of the most heard myths about acoustic conditioning. Now it’s time to talk about some of the most interesting characteristics of colored acoustic panels, with which you can soundproof a room in a few seconds.

Without having to carry out works thanks to its simple installation, it will allow us to reduce noise considerably thanks to its tongue and groove system of the pieces. In turn, we will be providing a decorative and distinctive touch to the rooms.

We have many opportunities to decorate with an acoustic panel, since we can choose between numerous textures and lacquered colors. In addition, we could add both a fire-retardant and water-repellent varnish, protecting the wood from any danger.

We will improve the seclusion in the interior spaces, with different styles and percentages of perforation and separation between channels. Many of the models even allow its curvature with the FLEX system, being able to form different structures with a superior acoustic quality.

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